Rumour has it MotorStorm 3 is in Development

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So the rumour mill has started up again and with all the pre, Pre-E3 hype already starting to build up it’s all getting a little crazy. A leaked a picture of what appears to be a playable PS3 demo for MotorStorm 3 has been spotted and has a few hopefuls abuzz with the idea of another round of what is one of the PS3’s major arcade style racing titles.

This little image now adds to the arsenal of rumours for fans to use in order to convince themselves that a new MotorStorm game is, in fact on its way. In the past it was discovered that punching in into your browser’s address bar leads you to Sony’s Playstation website, another irrefutable piece of evidence.

It isn’t a whole lot to go on, the image could easily be fake, but hey, until someone comes out and officially says something, this is just one of many rumours that’s going to keep on churning.

I can’t say I’d be ecstatic if this was true, but the previous titles were a whole lot of fun so, yay! I do, however hope that if this does get announced, that it isn’t a sign that this years’ E3 line-up is going to be made up almost entirely of sequels.

Last Updated: March 25, 2010

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