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Rumour: Is this what JURASSIC PARK 4's plot will be?

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I love dinosaurs. Which is why I was crying some Sarcosuchus tears when the news broke recently that Universal was pushing back Jurassic Park 4 until 2015. At least it was being delayed for a good reason though, as director Colin Treverrow decided that more time was needed to get the story for the eagerly anticipated sequel just right first, rather than rushing into production.

And now it seems that we may have uncovered just what that story will be, and it does sound like Treverrow and co have cooked up something rather interesting for those thunder lizards.


The folks over at JoBlo claim to have a rather reliable source that has the inside track on Jurassic Park 4, and this source claims that just like was hinted by Treverrow earlier in the year, JP4 will indeed be going back to Isla Nubar, the island on which the Steven Spielberg directed first film takes place. But things will be quite different this time around:

“JURASSIC PARK 4, set in present day Isla Nublar, is now an actual theme park, as originally intended by John Hammond in the first film. It garners 10 million visitors per year and is completely safe – until it’s not. The park itself is described as very Sea World-esque and includes an area called the Isla Nublar Lagoon. That means underwater dino’s for the first time. No indication of what kind, but there’s concept art showing one of the aquatic dino’s, as part of a show, jumping out of the lagoon and eating a strung up great white shark like it was a fish for a dolphin at sea world.

As part of a show, you ask? That’s right, folks, this will feature “tamed” dino’s. In fact, our source indicated that the usually menacing Velociraptors (which will finally be muzzled, along with the T-Rex – until they’re not) will actually be used to help fight the threat, which begins in the form of a new dinosaur, not seen in any of the previous films (and not disclosed to us) shows to be much smarter than originally thought and is the main cause of havoc breaking out at the park.

While I’m not too sure how I feel about muzzled and tamed dinos (I keep picturing a T-Rex with its tiny arms trussed up in a straightjacket and muzzle ala Hannibal Lecter), the rest sounds pretty interesting. By setting the action in a functioning theme park, screenwriting duo Rick Jaffa and Amanda Siver (Rise of the Planet of the Apes) script allows us to have the junglescape environment that we’ve come to expect from the Jurassic Park movies, but now, with 10 million visitors per year, there are whole lot more people possibly on the menu.

It’s said that the writing pair are currently still busy hammering out the finer points of the script with Treverrow and Spielberg, who will just be producing this time around, so this could very well change any time soon, but I like what I’m hearing thus far. The film is being shot natively in 3D (one of the other reasons why it was delayed), and if Treverrow can deliver on his earlier promise to give us some chilling dino action that will make us “keep the lights on after you see this movie”, then we should be in for one hell of a ride.

Last Updated: June 24, 2013


    • Gareth L

      June 24, 2013 at 10:02

      Harness the power of the er, franchise!


  1. Gareth L

    June 24, 2013 at 09:54

    I like this angle to the story; it’s aimed at both the original familiar and new audiences. I’m glad that it’s not another “dinosaurs have secretly been living on this island and we need to go and rescue someone” movie.

    I truly hope that they use Stan Winston Studios and create full-size animatronics again, I really want minimal CG dino effects; it never looks as good as real-world effects, I don’t care what anyone says.


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