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Rumour – The PlayStation 5 is coming in 2018

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We’re in a weird transitory stage of consoles right now. The Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 have been kicking around for almost half a decade, a lifetime in the traditional cycle of these home entertainment devices. The solution? Not a successor console, but rather a mid-cycle upgrade that keeps familiar architecture firm while introducing some decent upgrades to that foundation.

That’s the PlayStation Pro for you right there, although I’m still utterly convinced that the Xbox Scorpio is that sequel console to the Xbox One that just so happens to be backwards compatible. If you’d read my conspiracy theory website you’d know this. Also, lizard-people from the center of the Hollow-Earth secretly run our governmentssssssss.

Anyway, the PlayStation 4 is still solid, the PlayStation 4 Pro is solid…er. A PlayStation 5 won’t be seen for a while, right? NOPE! Because according to at least one reliable analyst who’s managed to predict Sony Hardware with uncanny accuracy, a PlayStation 5 is coming sooner than you’d expect, the actual date will shock you like my attempts at clickbait.


Vague but I’ll take it. That’s the word according to Macquarie Capital Securities analyst Damian Thong over on the Wall Street Journal, the fella who correctly predicted the PS4 Pro and PS Slim according to VG247. It’s a bit of a bizarre situation with the PS4 Pro still being a newborn console. My current prediction for that scenario is that PlayStation will pull off an eco-system similar to Microsoft: An entry-level PS4 Slim, a slightly pricier PS4 Pro for the 4K market not yet sold on going balls-deep on next-gen and the PS5 itself for the fans. Simple.

I’d wager a few coins that E3 this year will see some hint as to whether or not the future of the PlayStation brand is in development.

Last Updated: May 3, 2017

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