Rumour: The next Batman sequel is going to be a prequel

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So batman walked into a shop, and got ham...

Holy silver age wackiness Batman! While the two Arkham games may have re-established the Dark Knight as a force to be reckoned with in gaming, they also happened to tell one complete story, closing the curtain on one memorable experience. But seeing as how they’ve made a ton of cash as well, it’s clear that the night isn’t over yet for the caped crusader, as Warner Bros Interactive has tapped Rocksteady to once again get cracking on a sequel of sorts.

According to Variety, Rocksteady will be taking the Batman back to a more optimistic, and somewhat goofier, age. Using the classic issues from the fifties and sixties era as inspiration, they’ll be tackling a prequel that pits the Batman against the Joker for the very first time.

Reports about the Batman racing to help give Aquaman a glass of water in one mission, after the aquatic avenger stays on land for almost a solid hour, are unverified at this point.

Still, considering the darker tone of the previous game, maybe a ray of more absurd and colourful light could give the Dark Knight a breath of fresh air, should the rumour turn out to be true.

Last Updated: July 12, 2012

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