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Ryse is the best looking console game, says Star Citizen boss

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There are many debates about which new-gen console produces the tastiest eye-candy. None of the launch games are particularly spectacular, but according to Star Citizen’s Chris Roberts, The Xbox One’s Ryse is the best looking game available for the new consoles right now.

“…in my opinion, the best looking next-gen game is Ryse.” industry veteran and space-sim wizard Roberts told GamingBolt.

“Ryse is a fairly simplistic God of War mash-em up but just in terms of visuals and looks, it’s by far the best looking…its better looking than Killzone [Shadow Fall]. I’m a big Killzone fan but just technically if I look at Ryse and I look at Killzone, Ryse is superior.”

Of course he’d say that though. Ryse was built using the very same engine that powers Roberts’ own Star Citizen.

“It’s incredibly powerful and visually as good as any engine out there,” he says, adding that it helps with content creation, by allowing designers to make things quickly.

“So I think that gives you a big leg up to design in a way that allows for the content creator like artists and designers to do content fairly quickly. It’s a big, really full featured engine that comes with everything. It comes with physics, everything you would normally add, we just build on top of that.”

Star Citizen continues to look amazing, and has amassed over $38 million in crowd funding, beating its own records as the most crowd funded thing in existence with every extra cent.

“As always, thank you for your continued support of Star Citizen. It’s hard to properly express how grateful we are to the community for letting us pursue this dream,” Roberts said on the Cloud Imperium site. “I know that everyone is eager to see more of Star Citizen as quickly as possible–more ships, more systems, more gameplay–and I promise you that we’re just as eager to get that out there.”

Star Citizen’s set for release sometime later this  next year, for PC only.

Last Updated: February 6, 2014

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