Ryse on the Xbox One isn’t even 1080p

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Yesterday, Darryn told you that Ryse, Crytek’s game of digital gladiators ran at a native 1080p. He lied. It’s not his fault though, he took the word of Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg as gospel. What he didn’t see was a follow up by Greenberg clarifying the matter.

In a follow-up Tweet, Greenberg actually admitted that while yes, turn 10’s Forza 5 was 1080p, Ryse was running natively at 900p. He did, however, mention that just like the 360, the Xbox One up-scales everything to 1080p.


So yes, Ryse runs at 30fps at a resolution of 1600×900, 44% fewer pixels than 1080p – which any PC gamer will tell you is just not at all impressive, and not the sort of things we’d expect of “next gen.” Still, whatever the resolution, Ryse does look pretty incredible close up, though the lack of 1080p native resolution could indeed be indicative of a weaker console.

Last Updated: September 17, 2013

Geoffrey Tim

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