So, I told you that South Africa was going to take on Mexico in a friendly Dota 2 match. Well, if you didn’t tune in promptly at 7pm you might have missed almost all the action – South Africa beat Mexico in straight matches for a resounding victory.

South Africa dubbed themselves South African Dota 2 Titans in this match, even using flags emblazoned with Madiba’s face in game. I was a bit worried that we would end up as the acronym SAD Titans, but really, Mexico never stood a chance. Some commenters on the Twitch stream even asked if the Mexican team was trolling considering the idiotic mistakes and game play we saw. The first game finished with South Africa beating Mexico 38-1!

I can’t say that South Africa was flawless in their game play. There was a point in game two when they went to take on the Rosh and nearly got team wiped. If Mexico were an even slightly better team, they might have turned the tide at that point and won the game. However, it seemed that the Mexicans were simply not at the level expected for a national team – they were utterly routed in each game in about 30 minutes.  Just check out this end game screen from the second game:

Yup, that’s right – SA beat Mexico 45-8 in 23 minutes. Well done, boys! I doubt future international matches will be as easy, but it certainly was entertaining to watch. Here is your victorious South African team:

As far as streaming went, I was rather unimpressed with the streaming quality on the MWEB site, and the Twitch feed was plagued by lag. However, that didn’t stop about 2000 people from watching that game through Twitch! I ended up watching through Dota TV, along with around 500 other concurrent viewers. Yup, that’s right, 2500 viewers last night, not too bad for a friendly match!

MWEB GameZone hasn’t added descriptions to their videos just yet. You can check them out on twitch to see when they do. Otherwise, here is the video of the second game:

Watch live video from mwebgamezone on TwitchTV

Last Updated: September 9, 2013

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