So, I told you that South Africa was going to take on Mexico in a friendly Dota 2 match. Well, if you didn’t tune in promptly at 7pm you might have missed almost all the action – South Africa beat Mexico in straight matches for a resounding victory.

South Africa dubbed themselves South African Dota 2 Titans in this match, even using flags emblazoned with Madiba’s face in game. I was a bit worried that we would end up as the acronym SAD Titans, but really, Mexico never stood a chance. Some commenters on the Twitch stream even asked if the Mexican team was trolling considering the idiotic mistakes and game play we saw. The first game finished with South Africa beating Mexico 38-1!

I can’t say that South Africa was flawless in their game play. There was a point in game two when they went to take on the Rosh and nearly got team wiped. If Mexico were an even slightly better team, they might have turned the tide at that point and won the game. However, it seemed that the Mexicans were simply not at the level expected for a national team – they were utterly routed in each game in about 30 minutes.  Just check out this end game screen from the second game:

Yup, that’s right – SA beat Mexico 45-8 in 23 minutes. Well done, boys! I doubt future international matches will be as easy, but it certainly was entertaining to watch. Here is your victorious South African team:

As far as streaming went, I was rather unimpressed with the streaming quality on the MWEB site, and the Twitch feed was plagued by lag. However, that didn’t stop about 2000 people from watching that game through Twitch! I ended up watching through Dota TV, along with around 500 other concurrent viewers. Yup, that’s right, 2500 viewers last night, not too bad for a friendly match!

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MWEB GameZone hasn’t added descriptions to their videos just yet. You can check them out on twitch to see when they do. Otherwise, here is the video of the second game:

Watch live video from mwebgamezone on TwitchTV

Last Updated: September 9, 2013

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Zoe Hawkins

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  • Alien Emperor Trevor

    Excellent result, knap gedaan ouens.

    • Admiral Chief of Rivia


  • Hammersteyn

    SA is unstoppable at the moment. Just ask the Wallabies.

    • RinceThisandFINALLYlvUP!

      Ouch 🙂

    • Admiral Chief of Rivia


      Pity the soccer is so useless

      • Hey we won convincingly… It was the early part of the tournament that screwed us

        • Emilio Zapata

          that team was a fucking joke, not a single mexican knows who the fuck are they, my single hours of dota 2 (2,000) are more than that fucking faggot team combined (200 hours average)

          • Admiral Chief of Rivia

            We were actually talking about football.

            And mind the language pls

          • Emilio Zapata

            sure thing

          • Admiral Chief of Rivia


          • Patrick B

            fucking cunt nuggets

          • Admiral Chief of Rivia

            Tell me how you really feel?

          • Purple_Dragon

            Laughed my head off at that. What is a cunt nugget? Nuggets made out of cunt or chicken nuggets out of a cunt or what?

  • Estian Hough

    Wondering how many viewers DGC is going to get.

    • Matthew Holliday

      With the dota 2 store ticket, more than 2500


    I heard it was a weak team though. Like the blue bulls taking on my high school rugby team.

    • SaintsRowLee

      The way the Bulls are playing lately your high school team just might have a chance…

      • Airborne


      • Admiral Chief of Rivia


  • Matthew Holliday

    Didnt bother with the second game. I thought the series was pretty much over when South Africa had more kills than Mexico had cs.

  • Admiral Chief of Rivia

    Thrashing Mexico and Australia in one weekend!

  • Major Commodore 64 Darryn B

    Arriba bitches.

    • Emilio Zapata

      How about if you guys get us a rematch this time with a REAL mexican team? not that fake piece of shit crap that didnt even had 5 mexicans LOL.

      SteamID: The[A]zathoth

      If you guys wanna make things right add me up and i can arrange a proper rematch with a TRUE mexican team.

      Thanks in advance.

      • Sargon

        Like anyone here is going to “add you up” after the vitriol you’ve posted here? You’re dreaming.

        • Emilio Zapata

          sorry but im not asking for friends nor your opinions 🙂 im asking the STAFF if they will wanna try and remake the match, im not asking YOU anything 😉

          Easy reading for you: mind your own business, no one is even talking to you lol.

          • Sargon

            Lol. I wasn’t aware public forums and comment threads were now private. Who knew? Sterling job at being humane, by the way.

            I didn’t know Lazygamer could “make things right.” Why not bombard the correct institutions instead in the hope you can run everything so much better. Perhaps. Possibly.

          • Emilio Zapata

            lol i wasnt aware ppl could be actually this stupid and couldnt realize when someone is clearly replying to one particular User, i think its called REPLY right? did i reply to you asking to add me? mmm i dont think so, did i replied to a staff member? oh wait! i actually did rofl.

            As i said, mind your business.

          • Sargon

            Like you just did. Lol. All I’m saying is that you’re barking up the wrong tree. Hit up the official channels.

          • Emilio Zapata

            did, thanks

          • We didn’t organise this match we are simply reporting on what the local official organisation has said.

            Do you have an official eSports organisation in Mexico we can speak to?

          • Emilio Zapata

            sorry, as far as we all know that doesnt even exist… not kidding, not joking… i will DO try to find out if some kind of organization is currently opperating.

            I would like to firstly thank you and Zoe for the new article, i know my comments and a bunch of other mex guys comments were out of hand, i do want to apologyse with all your staff here at lazygamer for that, you guys are just covering, not organizing it and i really REALLY appreciate the fact you are taking our thoughts into consideration and actually researching about this. Big props to your boys.

            Thanks a lot lazygamer

          • Admiral Chief of Rivia

            While its nice seeing you apologize, do you think some of the comments are justified?

            This just shows why people look down on the Dota community. While there are exceptions, most of the time its just angry bile.

          • Emilio Zapata

            i was angry, not justified but the sargot guy was being a total douche so no apologies for him, just for you and lazygamer <3

          • Admiral Chief of Rivia

            I hear ya, but still, no need to be throwing around insults. One can be angry while still acting like a gentleman.

            I’ve been reading the comments here, and some of them really sadden me. In the end, we are all gamers with the same love. Who cares if you are from Costa Rica, South Africa, Mexico or Russia.

            The Dota community really, really behave badly. And since most of them sit behind a veil of anonymity, they can act terrible without repercussion. And that is the reason why they are looked down upon.

            Just some food for thought 😉

          • Emilio Zapata

            not arguying anything of that, at all. im actually thankful your guys here are going to the trouble of investigating and getting some light for us about this issue, big props.

          • Admiral Chief of Rivia

            Aye, the Lagz staff are a excellent bunch, you can be sure to find answers. Keep watching this space

  • Mossel

    I was at a wine festival this weekend and there was a mariachi band. In my state I shouted “Hey Mr tamborine man” at the guy with the tamborine and he called me handed over the tamborine to me…fml. Also, I deserved it.

  • FoxHoundR – Xbox One has won

    i didndt know the mexicoanosans has internet.

    • Francisco Rafael Gonzalez Mila

      wow?? , do you guys have water in africa?? , because when i watch your continent , i just sucky niggers with mosquitos in their faces, fucking scum

  • SaintsRowLee

    I have no IDEA what Dota 2 is, but I will toast that victory tonight.

    • Hito

      Then this is the perfect time to learn and get into the spirit of the game 🙂

      • Sargon

        How did you get down votes for this?!?

  • ermo

    Well I’m Mexican we dont know that team, they have 2200 PSR and 100 wins accounts that was a FAKE match. Im tryng to get a rematch with a serious team from mexico no that trash! also they werent mexicans!………..

    • Armando David Gutierrez Cortes

      Así se habla ermo pidan rematch y en toda la comunidad mexicana que juega dota no se de uno solo que conozca a estos tipos …

    • Mx Neo

      totally fake match

    • Hugo

      Fake match! Justice!!

    • Taky Padilla

      FAKE TEAM!!! they was from Costa Rica T_T

    • Lolita Ayala

      Fake match!!

    • Lolita Ayala

      Fake Match :/

  • Guest

    that its Bullshit, a lot of mexican watch the game, they were like 4 random south american + 1 random mexican, they are a lot of pure mexican teams that can pwn as ez as SA pwn them, PLZ do not post random shit, get your facts straight, they were not mexican, the funny thing its why don’t you post that the was selected by a south african organization probably to make his team look decent.

  • David Medina

    that its Bullshit, a lot of Mexican watch the game, they were like 4 random south american + 1 random Mexican they are a lot of pure Mexican teams that can pwn them as ez as SA pwn them, PLZ do not post random shit, get your facts straight, they were not Mexican the funny thing its why don’t you post that the fake Mexican team was selected by a south African organization probably to make his team look decent.

  • Emilio Zapata

    They were no mexican on that “México” team, just a bunch of faggots from south america and 1 random mexican, everyone of them with less than 200 hours of Dota 2, wtf i have 2,000 hours played and now this magical “pros” appear out of the fucking nowhere and says they are a mexican team ROFL.

    You should seriously investigate a little more Zoe, piece of shit article with absolutely no clue of what are you typing except “DURR HURR SA SO STRONK THEY BEAT A RANDOM TEAM”

    • Sargon

      And you have just exhibited (although no surprise) why every single non-DOTA person (including those chased away from the game by Dire and Radiant Trolls) thinks that everyone in the DOTA community are utter assholes. There is an exceptionally humane and adult way to go about highlighting discrepancies in the article in order to start to address the issues you raise. i.e. don’t be so aggressive and nasty. Constructive criticism or just don’t bother typing please.

      • Admiral Chief of Rivia

        You are speaking above terms they understand dude.

  • IDemsoul

    They are not a Mexican team, in fact no body knows who the hell are they in the dota 2 Mexico comunity, here there are much better dota 2 teams, should investigate more about the info they put in this page

    • We were notified by the official eSports body of South Africa that this was an official match against the Mexican team.

      Trust me we will be following up

  • Mx Neo

    nobody knows that ”mexican players” they won creating a showmatch vs not even mexican player , 2 trash mexicans and 3 Costa Rica player. here are good teams in mexico that can easy kick that SA Asses but we bet that they will not take a real showmatch vs mexican pro players.

    i wonder is they dare to play vs SUMA the best mexican team

    • Francisco Rafael Gonzalez Mila

      they dont have internet in africa..

  • Hugo

    Why are those guys using “Mexico” as a team name? Who decide those guys shoul represent Mexico in that match? Are they an all-star team from Mexico? There was a tournament/ladder/raffle? Maybe this message shouldn’t go directly to you guys but I don’t know where to look for answers. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I should be in that team, but I’m sure there should be some kind of tournament to decide who is going to represent a country in any competition like this.

    Lo que me intriga es saber quien decidió que ellos son el equipo nacional de que esta representando a México. Hubo algún torneo, ladder o algo similar para elegirlos a ellos? Se me hace una falta de respeto el usar “México” como si ellos fueran la selección nacional. No digo que yo tenga el nivel para estar ahí, pero creo que hay más competencia y nivel en México como para armar un “all-star” de jugadores mexicanos.


      exactamente, no pude haberlo expresado mejor.

      • Admiral Chief of Rivia

        Jislaaik ek verstaan perfek wat jy daar sê

        • Purple_Dragon

          Laughed my head off at that.

    • Admiral Chief of Rivia

      Net soos jy daar sê

  • Mx Neo

    They won vs a radom team that no one knows
    just check his profile

    totally fake match

  • Taky Padilla

    hey organizers, that was not a mexican team, they was from costarica, and they are so noobs, they are not the best mexican team or mexican players T_T, actually, no one on the dota 2 mexico comunity know about them, can i ask for a match with sudafrica with realplayers of Mexico?T_T can we talk about it, and clear this shit, cause that team is fake, u dont even investigate about the good players of mexico, and now. everyone think mexico have no lvl, cause they didnt farm more than 7 creeps in 15 mins… i want to talk in skype, facebook, or any way you want about it… my skype, “taky_to” my steam account, “taky00” “ixtaky86”

  • Erick Perez

    Fake match! Justice!!

  • Lolita Ayala

    Fake Match!!

  • Roy Jiménez Cuevas

    That was completly fake, no one of this roster is at least a little close than the best mexican player in Dota 2, no one in Mexico have knowledge of this roster and use the Mexican tag is annoying.

    If any admin of this FAKE MATCH can contact the offical community of Dota 2 in Mexico will be good, maybe we can make arrangement for a new match.

  • Francisco Rafael Gonzalez Mila

    this is just a random LoL team , trying to get into dota2 scene , THEY ARE AWFUL PLAYERS WITH 200 hours play , they suck

  • Francisco Rafael Gonzalez Mila

    this article is all fake, there is no internet in africa, BUSTED! bitches

    • Admiral Chief of Rivia

      No internet in Africa? Funny. How am I reading this and typing this response then?

      • YaYa

        the rest of Mexico apologizes on his behalf some ppl are just ignorant and dumb, it is never the way to get any resolution…

        • Admiral Chief of Rivia

          Good to know that there are still civil people out there!


  • MiSt
  • SUMA | Pillo

    Glad for this?? LOL.. They weren’t a mexican team, play versus a real one first. At the moment we are the best team in México, add me for schedule a “real game”, or want me to play versus a random stack and call them “SA” and show it in D2L?? this is my steam ID: STEAM_0:0:43512211

  • arroyo

    thats not even the mexican national team… rofl… you kidding me?

  • arroyo

    best players in mexico are former teammates with some of the profesional gamers today and at some point they played against nirvana back in dota 1, and claimed to be the best team in southamerica beating artyk gaming around 5 years ago…

  • Marcos

    Fake match, we want another showmatch vs a real mexican team.

  • Sargon

    A lot of angry people here. 😛 Zoe.. is there any truth to these claims that the Mexico team was fake? And by fake.. I suppose they really mean not officially sanctioned the same way other national teams are? Or are there some sour grapes here. A lot of flame. But I’d really like to know. Just.. beware the trolls. 🙂

    • Emilio Zapata

      1 mexican on the team, 4 foreigners. Thats why its fake and thats why everyone is pissed.

      BTW: beware this faggot lol 🙂

      • Sargon

        Doesn’t answer my question. I wanted to more specifically know about eSports official organization, team selection process, etc. not same old unverified. 🙂 And how do you know these players were not Mexican? Aaaand.. you just did what you flamed me for elsewhere. Double standards much? So much Sahelanthropus tchadensis here today.

        • we’re looking into it

        • Mx Neo

          we talked to those players and they answer us that they feel so bad about this , they dont even known that dota2 was a serious game to take , they said that only 2 of them are mexican.

          and dont worry about who i am ,
          im just maybe another crap player aware of the pro scene.

  • YaYa

    Bullshit match, who the fuck are those guys anyways, not mexicans I’ll tell you that, I know some real players who play way better than the south african team, for real who took responsability for this match, and why aren’t they looking for some answers, trash team, fake match, bad organization…

  • Ulisses Lopez

    that its Bullshit, a lot of Mexican watch the game, they were like 4
    random south american + 1 random Mexican they are a lot of pure Mexican
    teams that can pwn them as ez as SA pwn them, PLZ do not post random
    shit, get your facts straight, they were not Mexican the funny thing
    its why don’t you post that the fake Mexican team was selected by a
    south African organization probably to make his team look decent.

  • Cyx Frag

    Totally Fake! That team wasn’t Mexican! This is a bullshit post!

  • SangSang

    1.)How are we a team expected to be at a national level
    2.)How is it enjoyable to watch such a low-level team get wiped.

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