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Like a circus or rock band, the Xbox One is taking things on the road – complete with a bus. In fact, Microsoft will be parading the Xbox One around in major cities all over the globe during their “Area One” and “Test Drive” tours. However, South Africa is getting hands on time before the rest.

The tour kicks off this month hitting major cities like Paris, New York, London and LA. However, most cities are only getting their visit later on in October or even November.

Meanwhile, those attending rAge will get to touch the vibrating triggers of Xbox One while playing Ryse multiplayer, Dead Rising 3 (in a “special room”), and Forza 5. Keep in mind, though, only Forza will have the haptic feedback – so if you want your triggers to vibrate, you’ll have to play the racing game.

It’s really nice to see Joburg getting some hands on time ahead of Paris or New York. Sure, we may not get the actual console at launch, but at least we’re getting something. I’m really curious to see what reactions are to the next generation consoles at rAge – the step up is quite substantial and it might just convince some people about the value of next gen. That is, unless you’re already converted to Steam Machine. Hey, would a Steam machine mean you are no longer PC gamers? Or are next gen consoles so advanced that they make console gamers into the Master Race?

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Last Updated: October 1, 2013

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