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Saints Row 2 on PC is finally getting fixed

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Until the day I die, I’ll always defend Saints Row as one of the very best and goofiest sandbox franchises of all time. Did the series trip the light fantastic and go completely off the rails by the time it reached a point of peak purple pandomonium? Absolutely! I wouldn’t have had it any other way, as Saints Row found its identity and ran wild with that ball across multiple sequels.

That identity was forged way back in 2008 when developer Volition rolled out Saints Row 2. No longer just another GTA clone, this was a sequel with a heaping amount of attitude, customisation and enough purple to raise the artist who was formerly alive and known as Prince, back from the dead. Anyone looking to play the game on PC lately has had a rough time as the original port was…less than ideal.

A janky mess of bugs and glitches, the modding community could only do so much to patch the game up and make it playable while doing so at the expense of online co-op. Even with those fan fixes, Saints Row 2 is still a hot mess on PC. So why has Volition never fixed the game properly? Well, that’s because somebody (Eyes Kervyn) lost the original code for the game.

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In a stroke of luck though, that code has been recovered! Volition revealed in a recent stream that a two person team is back on the case, burning the midnight oil so that Saints Row 2 can finally be fixed with the bonus of the Ultor Exposed and Corporate Warfare DLC heading towards that platform as well. It may be a bit of a wait before the game is fixed, but it’s good news for anyone who likes tongue in cheek sandboxes filled with mayhem and attitude.


Last Updated: October 15, 2019

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