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Saints Row 3 will cover a whole year of free content

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I am really looking forward to Saints Row 3. After becoming disillusioned with the all too real, sombre approach of GTA, Saints Row was my sandbox game of choice, as it allowed me to unleash that cheeky chaotic side of me in awesome 180 degree spins while wearing a  digital mankini, and killing everything in sight. Good times.

So with a new Saints Row game launching the end of this year, I’m justifiably excited, but the news that THQ plans to really push the DLC for the game means that I’ll be playing this title long enough for Saints Row 4 to arrive.

At a recent investor relations call, THQ chief executive Brian Farrell stated that the publisher wants to focus on increasing post-launch revenues for its core titles by up 20 percent.

In order to do so, Farrell says that THQ will be launching an aggressive post launch campaign aimed at core titles in their library, with Saints Row: The Third being the spearhead for this operation. "The idea is to really drive the key titles," Farrell says.

Saint’s Row: The Third will launch with a season pass that gives players free access for future DLC. The DLC plan release additional content for "nearly a year," with additional microtransactions, and an in-game store following soon after.

THQ  confirmed this year that it has "doubled digital revenues this year versus last year", which is why the publisher is focusing on the DLC strategy for the near future releases of games. However, Farrell mentioned that THQ will "take (its) foot off the gas for the titles that don’t have as much traction" , for any upcoming titles that fall under the new business model.

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Last Updated: July 28, 2011

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