Saint’s Row 4 is going to be huge

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THQ might have crumbled, but there’s consolation in that our very favourite series from the publisher – as well as the developer behind it – has been saved from the ruin. Volition Inc’s next chapter in the irreverent, over-the-top Saint’s Row is coming along nicely – and will be the biggest, craziest game in the series, promising a “fuck ton” more open-world content.

“Size wise, the main story mission is about the same length. Open world content? Fuck ton more. Way more, it’s absurd. When you ask me what do you say to fans who are worried about there not being enough content on the disc, I say you’re not ready. You have no idea,” Volition’s creative director Steve Jaros told Destructoid in an interview.

“The other day I was playing the build, I was supposed to be reviewing dialogue in different missions, right? I’m on this path, and I stop and go ‘oh there’s this open world thing I want to go and do!’ It’s four hours later, I’ve only played three missions in like four hours. It just pulls you in with all this open world content for you to explore and do, and there’s so much of it.”

“It’s so much more than anything that we’ve done in any Saints Row game. There’s more content in Saints Row IV than any Saints Row game that’s come out. I think that we’re well past anything that we’ve done, so I have no concerns whatsoever about amount of content on the disc ’cause there’s a ton of it.”

And if that’s not enough open-world insanity for you, the game, much like Saint’s Row 3, will be supported with an over-abundance of DLC.

“We plan on having a very robust DLC plan for Saints Row IV, just like we did with 3,” senior producer Jim Boone told Destructoid in an earlier Q&A.

“We haven’t put an exact number on it, in fact it’s frankly it’s something we’re still working on with Deep Silver. We had it all planned out with THQ, and we want to make sure the same drops make sense, the same timing and all that kind of stuff so we’re still kind of in a finalizing sort of mode. But it’s very comparable, at least our planning right now, is very comparable.”

You might, rather naturally, assume that the wealth of DLC would come at the detriment of the core game – but you may not realise that most of their DLC, including much of what you played in Saints Row 3, is outsourced to other developers

“Volition is doing as much as they can to put as much as they can into the game. I think what some people don’t realize is that a lot of our DLC that is created isn’t even created by Volition,” he said.

“There’s another company that often times are creating DLC. That stuff is being developed by a totally separate team while we are working on making the main game come out.”

As much DLC as Saint’s Row’s received, It’s not something to grumble about, because it tends to be of the rather optional variety. Saint’s Row 4 is coming in August (ahead of GTA V!) and will, believe it or not, dial up the insanity a few notches. It probably needs more Burt Reynolds though – or hell, Norm McDonald pretending to be Burt Reynolds.

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Last Updated: March 25, 2013

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    I will grab Saints Row 4 with both hands and devour it on day one! #Excited

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    this looks insane !! !! and I’m sure it will be a “Fuck-ton ” cheaper then then new GTA

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    DAT HEADER, its over 90000000!!!!!

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    Its going to be a rush job with bugs and on-line PATCHES to release before the Wooly Elephant sneaks its way to the TOP of Metacritic beating its younger JUMBO brother by 1%… 99%


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      Eff yeah! GTAV will be bigger than San Andreas, Red Dead Redemption and GTAIV combined. That’s saying a helluva lot.

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