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Saints Row 4 isn’t worried about next-gen competition

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It’s going to be a busy festive season for games soon. With next-gen consoles on the way, people are going to have their eyes on future titles soon, instead of present ones. A situation that could lead to some poor sales for current-gen titles such as Saints Row 4. But they ain’t worried.

Speaking to GamesIndustry, Volition Inc senior producer Jim Boone explained that wasn’t exactly worried about competition from upcoming next-gen games. Something bolstered by the 2011 experience that Volition had when Saints Row The Third was released during a rather busy season of big name games back then.

“There were a lot of big heavy hitters going out at the same time, so I wondered. And it went out and was the biggest Saints Row game we’ve done yet,” Boone said.

I think the big thing that we have going for us is that our game is so unique and different from everything else that’s out there, and because we have an audience that absolutely loves this game, that helps us cut through some of the other noise that’s out there.

So what exactly is it that makes Saints Row unique. Most likely the fact that the game has managed to achieve a level of infamy that is on the same level as Grand Theft Auto and Mortal Kombat according to Boone.

It seems like we never get mentioned. The only thing I can think of is because we’re always so tongue-in-cheek and irreverent about it, that I think people get that – in our own twisted, warped way – it’s all in good fun.

People understand there’s a certain levity to what we’re doing. I think it’s good that we debate such things, but not surprisingly, I tend not to think it’s any worse for viewers than watching an R-rated movie. It’s just entertainment.

It’s still going to be a tight race to the finish, I reckon. The game launches next month, while GTA V arrives at the end of September. Still, seeing as how it happens to be reusing assets from Saints Row 3, production costs should be lower than usual, meaning that this game won’t have to sell millions upon millions of copies to break even.

But hell, for that Dubstep cannon alone? It’s freaking worth it.

Last Updated: July 10, 2013


  1. Sorry SR4, I can’t hear you over the sound of GTA


    • ElNicko

      July 10, 2013 at 14:44

      Comment of the Week right here ladies and gents


  2. OVG

    July 10, 2013 at 13:43


    GTAV BABY!!!



  3. Umar Kiiroi Senk?

    July 10, 2013 at 13:50

    Hmm, let’s see what’s left this year to eat up my budget … Dragon’s Crown, Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD , GTA V,Tales of Xillia,The Bureau: XCOM Declassified,Killer is Dead,Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix,Watch Dogs MAYBE Beyond:two Souls …. I feel sorry for my wife


  4. Trevor Davies

    July 10, 2013 at 13:50

    I will get both eventually, unless GTA V indeed doesn’t come to PC, in which case… there can be only one.


  5. RinceWind

    July 10, 2013 at 14:01

    I am going to be so broke for most of this year…


  6. Xelus

    July 10, 2013 at 14:25

    If GTA has a proper pc version then yes, otherwise, I’d stick with SR4, gta became to tedious to quickly for me, outrageous things that go against everything we know is what made SR awesome for me. GTA seems to lack a lot of things. Was a fan of GTA, 2, 3, san andreas, 4 changed my mind about the franchise completely.


  7. matthurstrsa

    July 11, 2013 at 07:17

    The second half of this year is going to be tough for my time management and wallet management 🙁


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