Sauron’s servants are after you in Shadow of Mordor trailer

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SoM Sauron s servants

Oh Shadow of Mordor – I keep feeling bad that you weren’t on my radar until E3. I suppose I’m making up for lost time considering how much I’m in love with this game now and can’t wait for it to launch already. The latest story trailer shows just some of the people who want to kill you.

Here is a trailer showing off Sauron’s servants:

They have done such a great job with character design on these. They aren’t just copy and paste irks, nor are they stereotypical villains. At least, they don’t seem to be. I really like how they’re working with the lore in the story, and I have a feeling that they will actually be making fans happy in that regard. The inclusion of Celebrimbor is already a step in the right direction, and it seems that they will be carrying on with that, adding some excellent back story on Sauron for those who might have missed that when only viewing The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings movies.

Are these trailers convincing you of the epic scale of the game? Are you getting amped about killing all the things while being led on a treasure hunt by Gollum? Add to that the fact that this game looks ridiculously beautiful, and I’m having a hard time seeing what’s not to love about it. I really hope it delivers on the expectations I now have for it – every time I’ve gotten my hands and eyes on it, it has blown me away. The game itself had better keep that high level of awesome throughout.

Last Updated: August 21, 2014

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