Save the last human – Resogun could be headed to PS3

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Resogun may not have been my first PlayStation 4 game, but it very certainly is one of the very best that I’ve ever played on that console. And now, it looks like the older generation will be getting a chance to keep humans on their lawn.

Developed by Housemarque, Resogun is based on those addictive shooters of yesteryear, but with a cylindrical twist. It’s deviously simple: Save the humans, shoot the aliens and stay alive. It of course becomes far more complex than that, when the screen turns into a bullet bukkake festival and you’re swarmed like Winnie the Pooh after he messed with the wrong beehive. Oh bother.

Naturally, this makes for a massively addictive game, that is perfect for short burst sessions when you need to blow off some steam. It’s currently a PlayStation 4 exclusive, although a PS Vita version is on the way. And if it can fit onto that console, it can certainly manage on the PlayStation 3. And according to the ratings board listing in Europe, that’s happening.

It’s a smart move. Plenty of people have yet to adopt a PlayStation 4, with the PlayStation 3 being a a holiday favourite. The price is cheaper, the library is damn good so expect to see that console sell well this festive season. Throw Resogun at an established userbase, and Housemarque could be rolling in dough.

If you don’t have a PS4, and happen to be the kind of guy who likes schmup action, I can’t recommend this game enough. Hell, even when I have GTA V, Lego Batman 3 and various other games loaded onto my PS4, I still play Resogun. It’s just that damn good. Simple, but addictive stuff.

Last Updated: December 4, 2014

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