Sebastian Vettel takes the X 1 for at test drive in GT5 – Over 400Km/h

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Over the past couple of days the news of the Red Bull X1 super fan car has been making the rounds on the GT5 websites.

Basically it is a car that Adrian Newey (RBR Chief Engineer) and Kazunori Yamauchi have designed together that is entirely realistic and could be built today if it wasn’t for certain safety regulations which hold us back.

The Red Bull X1 Prototype is this virtual beast that has a theoretical top speed of 249mph which is 400.73 km/h.

So to test this out Sebastian Vettel sat down behind the screen and tested it out and blew away the theoretical top speed and any current lap times at the Nurburgring track.

He managed to get it to nudge 410 km/h on the front straight and 408 on the back straight before completing a lap in 1’04.853.

Now it’s no secret that I am not a big fan of GT5 but this video really appeals to me… I’m convinced I can beat him.

Oh and if you were thinking you have seen this car before then you are a true petrol head as the design is based on the Caparo T1


[Thanks to Luna and lans for the tips (and one other who I have unfortunately misplaced]

Last Updated: November 2, 2010

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