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Secret Borderlands 2 easter egg–spoiler

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With Borderlands 2 releasing in the US tonight it hasn’t taken long for the first major easter egg to be revealed on reddit and fittingly for a game that exploded out of nowhere it is a homage to yet another game that took the world by storm.. warning spoilers ahead.

With Borderlands 2 being an RPG/FPS set in an open world with a bajillion weapons and amazingly diversity it only seems fit to pay respect to another game that is absolutely nothing like it, makes sense in the Gearbox style at least not for normal people.

But behold the awesomeness that is Borderlands Minecraft

ZeCZO - Imgur KLQ76 - Imgur VF6Sw - Imgur pHhWf - Imgur

The actual location hasn’t yet been revealed (at the time of writing) but I’m sure if you want to know you can google it later today and it will be announced somewhere.

I think it’s a great homage by Gearbox and I seriously cannot wait until Friday to enter Pandora again myself.

Last Updated: September 18, 2012

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