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Security cameras will actually be worth paying attention to in Hitman 2

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You know what made Hitman special? Consequences. I’ve mentioned before that each stage in Hitman was an elaborate clockwork mechanism, and your role within that machine was to be the one cog that mucked everything up. Every kill had a knock-on effect, emphasising causality within the game and how disrupting the status quo could open up new avenues which to explore.

One aspect of that game that seemed immune to your shenanigans though? Surveilance cameras. You could literally dance a jig of death in the ribcage of a murdered bodyguard while in full view of a camera, and nothing would happen. No one would investigate, no alarms would be rung and the worst penalty was a few points being knocked off of your score if you didn’t;t ghost past the cameras or erase the evidence.

In Hitman 2, cameras are going to be an actual obstacle, as any suspicious activity picked up by them will land you in hot water. “Since each location in Hitman 2 is its own living, breathing world where anything can happen, we wanted the environment itself to ‘speak’ to the player with various audio and visual cues, so this is one of the new features we’ve added to the game to further communicate to the player where they will be spotted, if they have not yet disabled the location’s security grid,” IO Interactive said to VG247.

Some minor changes might still occur, but so far, we’re loving this mechanic. In addition to just being recorded, players must be vigilant to not do anything suspicious on camera (slapping someone with a fish for example), as this will alert the guards monitoring the security feed, and they might just send someone to investigate.

Players will be able to tap into Agent 47’s unnatural instincts, which will show him where exactly the focus of a camera is aimed at, allowing him to sneak past. Solid Snake would be proud.

Which I think, helps sell the illusion of being one of the deadliest human beings alive, that much better. Hitman 2 is shaping up marvellously, with the first level being a tight arena of high speed chases and the chance to dress as a silly flamingo. When it arrives on November 13 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, it’ll be a complete package that has six distinct stages to explore.

Just try to make that car explosion look like a natural cause of death, if you can.

Last Updated: July 3, 2018

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