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Sekiro update will add new skins, modes and highlight reel feature

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Time to invest in some back-up controllers and a spare pillow just for screaming into, because Sekiro is drawing fans back for another painfully challenging yet exhilaratingly masterful combat showdown. Despite being over a year old and no substantial content updates dropping for the game in quite a few months now, Activision has confirmed that From Software’s experiment to see just how difficult they can make a game is growing bigger (and prettier!) with a new update that adds some fresh content into the game. Not that I needed an incentive to play it again, but I’ll take it!


A blog post from Activision confirmed that the new update will allow players to, “rematch bosses, tackle boss gauntlets, perform player movement recordings, and more.” The Wolf will now be able to rematch his already slain villains thanks to the Reflections of Strength, which can be accessed from any Sculptor’s Idol. You can now also compete in Gauntlets of Strength, which is basically a boss rush mode where you’re limited to a single life. Lord, can we just imagine the speedrun potential? Sculptor’s Idols will now also allow Wolf to change his costume out, choosing from three new looks. “Tengu” and “Old Ashina Shinobi” are two of the named skins which I believe can be unlocked by completing Gauntlets. The third skin is unlocked by just finishing the game.


Oh, and a Remnant’s system has been added to the game which allows players to capture 30 seconds of in-game footage which fellow player’s can watch to maybe learn a thing or two from the pros. If you throw a thumbs up to a Remnant you enjoyed, the creator gets their HP refilled for free. Ah, the power of social media.

The Sekiro update will be out on 29 October and will be free for everyone.

Last Updated: July 30, 2020

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