September 11th, a Huge Day in the Rivalry

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I am a huge Pro Evo fan however the poor showing of PES 2008 forced me to FIFA to get my online fill. I can’t say I enjoyed very much of my experience but I still played 200+ games online and managed to get a view of the “other side”.

This has made me focus on this years face-off  a lot more than usual. I, like most PES fans, are hoping that Konami have realised how bad 2008 was and come back with a game that will challenge FIFA and take back its crown.

It seems Konami are making the right moves to doing just that, especially now that it appears PES 2009 will have a completely separate Champions League mode featuring not only Liverpool and Manchester United (as previously confirmed) but also Arsenal and Chelsea. However, licenses are still an area where FIFA wins hands down and Konami are going to have to do more than that to truly challenge FIFA again.

Come September 11th though, both games are going to be going head-to-head. Yes, that is the date that Konami will be releasing the PES 2009 demo on Xbox Live and PSN, but it is also the date that EA will be releasing the FIFA 09 demo on Xbox Live and PSN.

Now obviously neither game is going to be completely finished but it will give a very good view as to which game is going to be better and it will also give the PES fans a chance to see what Konami have really done in the past year as this is a crucial year for Konami’s football franchise.

It looks as if Konami are making a statement that this year they are willing to challenge EA. That they are proud of their product and aren’t going to play it down. For fans of both series, this can only come as good news because nothing will help improve the games more than a little competition.

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Last Updated: September 5, 2008

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