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Session is getting a massive skateboarding physics overhaul

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It is a glorious time to be a fan of skateboarding, incredibly baggy pants and shredded flesh once again. People have been clamouring for years for skateboarding to make a return, and the gaming industry heard their cries, responding in kind with multiple new games in the genre. Nostalgia pops a 900 Remember this when the Tony Hawk Pro Skater remaster arrive in September, Skater XL still looks like an authentic slice of So-Cal style and I can’t wait for Tony Squawk in Skatebird.

There’s one other big game to add to that list: Session! Developed by Crea-Ture Studios, Session has its own brand of gnarly nollies and mondo manuals to master, provided that you can get to grips with its tricky controls. Those players who have built up some significant muscle memory in their digits need to prepare to start back at square one however, as Session is going to rewrite the rulebook on its own physics in a major overhaul.

“Gravity, momentum, velocity, speed. Some of the key elements of how the Board physics work, and this is why we’re currently neck high in some major physics work,” Crea-Ture wrote in a Steam update.


We have now initiated the next stage of development which is for our physics to go to the next level. Our core skateboarding experience is currently getting a much needed overhaul. This is something that needed to be done to take Session from where it is currently and propel it into what it can be. We have rolled with the current physics implementation for as long as we could. This major physics upgrade means we had to temporarily unhook most of our current skate mechanics, to further develop the physics system of the game before hooking them back in.

We want to thank you for your patience. Once this momentous surgery has been completed we will be going back to our regular update pace. We believe this will make the core skateboarding experience in Session feel a lot more authentic and responsive than it ever was, and we hope you’ll agree once it’s in your hands.

Radical brah. On top of Session, Skater XL and Tony Hawk Pro Skater, the Skatenaissance continues through EA as the primary font of inspiration for many of these new skateboarding games, Skate, is finally getting a fourth entry in that series.

Last Updated: July 16, 2020

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