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The sex in Mass Effect Andromeda will be “pretty good”

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It’s often been said that sex between two people is a beautiful experience and downright fantastic when shared between six others according to my granddad who may have visited one too many discos in the 1970s. That being said, sex is still pretty much the driving force behind everything today, with alcohol adverts doing their damndest to convince you that a glass of vodka will make you more irresistible than being dipped in a pool of pheremones.

Sex is also part of the package (heh) in video games. Starting with the horrendously pixelated adventures of Leisure Suit Larry (YA GOT A LUBBER PAL?) through to The Witcher 3 making good use of a unicorn, forming the beast with two backs has usually been worth pursuing in Bioware’s Mass Effect games. And that’s because it takes time and effort to get to know your partner of choice.

Hours spent discovering how to romance these characters and get the best pee-pee friction pleasure possible. So naturally, people want to know if smashing genitals together will be fun in Mass Effect: Andromeda. Producer Michael Gamble reckoned so, when he was pressed for answers on Twitter:

Aw yiss. Last year, BioWare creative director Mac Walters still spoke about evolving the romance options in Mass Effect Andromeda, to create something far more organic (giggity). “In the past we’ve been very, eh, I’d say somewhat formulaic in the way we presented them. We’re trying to look at more organic ways to have those relationships evolve,” Walters said at E3 last year to IGN.

Aaryn [Flynn] talked on stage today about offering more freedom to players than ever before, and that includes areas like this as well — how you engage in those types of relationships and the gating around them throughout the timeline of the story.

And now you know! I’m personally looking forward to failing at love in both the real world and the digital realm. HahahahahahahadammitImsolonely.

Last Updated: January 16, 2017

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