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Sexuality shouldn’t be a big deal, says Killer is Dead’s Suda 51

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There’s a lot to be said about sex in video games these days. Most of it being guys shouting “FAKE”. Still, the subject of polygons getting intimate is a taboo in the western side of the industry, thanks to a combination of cultural norms and an interest in thinking about the children. And that’s something that Killer Is Dead staffer Suda 51 thinks shouldn’t be a big deal at all.

“I don’t really use [sex] as something full frontal, but sexuality is a good way to express a certain element in the game,” Suda 51 said to Eurogamer.

Maybe sexuality in games shouldn’t be as big a taboo, but at the same time I live in a country where sexuality is pretty crazy.

I think Western publishers do similar things, like with [Grand Theft Auto], going out to a strip club and other things. But I do understand that if a Western developer was to create something like [Gigolo mode] it could backfire.

Gigolo mode? Oh right, that’s the section of Killer Is Dead where you can try your luck at picking a date at various points in the game, using charm, grace and lingerie-revealing shades.

We’re at a point in western games where fan service such as this is frowned upon now. We’ve got a 50/50 skew between the genders of gamers, and it’s becoming more than obvious that this kind of content is starting to make audiences feel uncomfortable.

But it’s not something that is going to disappear over night. Like Suda 51 mentions, sexuality in games is also a result of the culture of the developing nation. Stuff like this is acceptable in Japan. But this content will most likely get its fair share of criticism this side.

Still, hopefully it won’t detract from a game that for all intents and purposes, looks characteristically crazy and fun.

Last Updated: April 17, 2013

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