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Shenmue III is full of bugs

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I can’t believe it’s actually happening. Thanks to Kickstarter and Sony, Shenmue III is actually being made. The series, which was one of the biggest reasons to own SEGA’s beloved, beleaguered Dreamcast was one of the most expensive couple of games ever made, holding the dubious honorific until relatively recently.

At the time, it was ground-breaking stuff, laying the foundations for open-world adventures like Grand Theft Auto and other games that have blended real-life mundanity with videogames. It introduced day-and-night schedules to videogames, along with the now-hated Quicktime event. It was the first game to really incorporate the RPG-lite mechanic and feature NPCs that went about their own daily business. Unfortunately, the second game ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, and with the game not being as much of a commercial success as it was a critical one, the story’s been left dangling.

That’s why there’s so much anticipation for this sequel. And it’s being made. I…I still can’t believe it’s really happening. That said, I have this terrible feeling in the back of my head and in the pit of my stomach that it’ll be terrible. Shenmue was a product of its time, and I just don’t see it being able to exist properly in a modern gaming world. At best, it could end up as a Nipponese Grand Theft Auto, and at worst a poor clone of its own spiritual successor, the Yakuza series. I sincerely, sincerely hope I end up being wrong.

That said, here’s an actually look at how Shenmue III is shaping up with the Lake of the Lantern Bugs. It doesn’t really show much, but it does feature Ryo and Shenhua looking at some glowy lantern bugs.

The Kickstarter for Shenmue 3 has very nearly reached $5 million of its $2 million goal. With 66 hours left to go until the drive ends, it’s unlikely that Yu Suzuki will get the $10 Million he says he needs to make Shenmue III a real open world game.

Last Updated: July 15, 2015


  1. oVg"Guard boat with boat"Troll

    July 15, 2015 at 09:45

    The good old days. RIP Dreamcast.

    I hope I am still alive when the FF7 remake is released, so I can watch all the hate after gamers realize just how much voice acting and 3D cameras ruined the interactive novel that had the exact same gameplay as FF1.

    The reason why FFXIII was shallow was because we live in an age where the story is now written around the level design and not vise versa.


  2. Umar

    July 15, 2015 at 09:46

    The thing going forward with this game now, is that they need to realize how gaming has changed since Shenmue came out and a lot of the mechanics that it pioneered has long since been refined and improved upon. Realistically, they can’t compete with games of these days in terms of what they helped establish, what they can do however, and what they have that most of these games don’t, is a compelling, heartfelt, and endearing story. Let’s face it, game mechanics age, it’s just how it is, but stories, they’re timeless. I can go back now and play Shenmue and its tale will be as good as any modern game. If they deliver on that coupled with fun gameplay, its gonna be a hit.


    • oVg"Guard boat with boat"Troll

      July 15, 2015 at 09:48

      hear hear, and that is why the FF7 remake is going to be huge hit or miss. HUGE RISK. Remember the hate that Advent Children got? and that was coated in the finest tools of its time.


      • Umar

        July 15, 2015 at 09:55

        Yup, I agree with your point on FF XIII as well. I’m glad SE is also realizing the importance of what made FF special, It’s clear they’re heading in the right direction with XV in terms of its story. Nostalgia plays a huge part in why we’re so crazy about FF7, but also, we all remember the story like it was yesterday. Sephiroth going mad in the Library learning about his origins. Listening to the howls of the Lifestream, Holding Aerith’s body…The game is old as hell and archaic, but the story holds up brilliantly. I can’t remember a single line of dialog from XIII lol


        • oVg"Guard boat with boat"Troll

          July 15, 2015 at 09:56

          Le sigh? 😛


          • Umar

            July 15, 2015 at 09:58

            LULZ ….Perfect. Brrrrr, her sighs haunt me.

          • oVg"Guard boat with boat"Troll

            July 15, 2015 at 10:00

            After advent children, I realised why I hate audio books so much. After reading and playing FF1-9 you form your own characters in your head. Then came along Tidus with that twanging American voice. Arghhhhhhhh Ha aha haha ahaha ahahaha ahah a That laughing scene is still in my head.

          • Umar

            July 15, 2015 at 10:04

            LOL Yup, the good old days of reading. It’s not always bad though. Like geralt’s voice adds a lot of depth to his character. Japanese games in general still needs to find that balance.

        • oVg"Guard boat with boat"Troll

          July 15, 2015 at 09:58

          still cringing


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