Shop like a peasant, play like a King–Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

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So today is all about the brand spanking new Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and our friends over at King Price have asked us to wrap up the cheapest ways to get into the game for all you penny-pinchers out there.

So in order to provide you with the very best options we have rounded up the 8 cheapest ways to get into the game. Now remember this doesn’t mean these are the ten best ways or even the best value. They are simply the very cheapest ways to get into it.

  1. – R525.00 (UPDATE TakALot is now at R499 on PC)
  2. Steam (PC) – R664.68
  3. Amazon (X1/PS4) – R664
  4. BT Games (X360/PS3) – R699
  5. BT Games (X1/PS4) – R799
  6. (X1/PS4) – R883.49
  7. (X1) – R999 (Atlas Limited Edition)
  8. (X1 + Console) – R6999

If you haven’t got an Xbox One yet then the limited edition 1 Terabyte version is a thing of beauty and at R6999 with the game it really isn’t a bad deal. What’s even more impressive is that the local price for Advanced Warfare is leagues cheaper than the international price. The standard Xbox One version via ShopTo is virtually R100 more than the local price.

And while you’re at it, with your decreasing monthly King Price premiums, make sure you use the cash you’re saving for some more games! This article was sponsored by King Price Insurance, no seriously we didn’t just pick them out of a hat. The editorial and content is entirely created in-house, and we like to be able to eat.  So be a gaming buddy and if you need an insurance quote for your gaming equipment or just want to look at new car insurance options then give them a try.

Last Updated: November 3, 2014

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