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The worst video game cities to live in for Insurance – King Price

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Our good friends over at King Price Insurance have asked us to come up with a creative and unusual way to make insurance sound fun… so after wracking our brains and downing a couple of beers we came up with the idea of strapping Darryn to the front of my bike and racing around Kyalami with him on. After they pointed out that our idea didn’t really have anything to do with insurance we sat down and came up with another idea, well all of us except Darryn who is still huddled in the corner… sorry about that.

Unfortunately insurance is a necessary evil in this world and especially in South Africa with our higher than acceptable crime rate and depending on where we live the insurance rates can fluctuate quite badly. But it could be worse, here we take a look at 5 video game cities that even King Price would struggle to give you decent insurance rates in.

Los Santos – Grand Theft Auto V

Los Santos, that beautiful city modelled after Los Angeles, is likely to be your best bet if you were looking for some good insurance rates. Especially if you live in some of the nicer places near the fancy part of town.

Mind you that’s the area that the former mobster, Michael De Santa, lives and with his constant gun fights and drunken driving it may harm your insurance premiums. But hey at least it’s better than being a neighbour to Trevor or Franklin who would either kill you and steal your car – or even worse Trevor could move in and violate your teddy bears.

Medici – Just Cause 3

You’re minding your own business, riding around the many wonderful military outposts that our glorious leader General Di Ravello has set up in Medici. Truly, we are blessed to have him as our president for life. Anyway, you’re having a casual drive, when all of a sudden, chaos breaks out.

Everything explodes, someone has managed to set the ocean on fire and a massive gun battle wages above you between the brave soldiers of our mighty nation and the filthy peasant rebels who have a mad death-wish to see our leader dead.

And then it gets worse, when you find out that there are grapple-hook marks all over your car. Also, you were thrown out of your vehicle, and some rebel scum decided to attach trendy remote explosives to the bumper and propel it into a chopper, leaving it a smoking ruin. But at least you know that General Di Ravello will hunt the scum down!

Viva Medici!

Pacific City – Crackdown


You’ll just be minding your own business, driving around – probably off to the shops to get some milk. Sitting in your car, you’ll wonder what all those blobs of green light are, pndering what on earth that strange aural pulsing is, when an agent – a member of the damned local law enforcement – comes along, grabs your car, places it atop a pyramid made of other pilfered vehicles, and blows it all up with a rocket launcher.

On top of that, the place is home to one of the worst gang wars on the planet – and sometimes, is even home to a weird zombie invasion that nobody asked for. Still, if you can;t even trust the law to keep you safe, who can you trust?

The Mushroom Kingdom – Super Mario Bros. 

King3You thought that South America was notorious for kidnappings, and you could be right – but where else is the same person kidnapped, time and time again? That’s all fine and well, but the problem really comes in when some fat mustachioed plumber comes in and tries to save everything, by breaking everything apart.  That jerk and his lanky brother have no problem just destroying the bricks you laid as a foundation to build your idyllic mushroom home.

And even if you’re out on a casual drive, some jerk’s likely to lob the shells of your deceased friends at you, when not trying to run you off of Rainbow Road. The Msuhroom Kingdom is a dangerous place to be – whether you’re a Goomba, or a Koopa, or a toadstool.

Paradise City – Burnout: Paradise City

Sam and Dave over at Digital Custard made a quick video with their take on the insurance challenge, so be a dear and take a look. Why is it so dangerous? Well, Sam and Dave are allowed to drive there, for a start.

Thankfully for us we only need to worry about the standard South African issues and as such King Price are able to offer you the very best insurance premiums. And as much as we all hate having to pay for insurance it should at least make us all feel a little better that King Price are supporting our industry so who better to give our hard-earned money to?

So head on over to King Price for the best insurance quote around.




Last Updated: December 14, 2015

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