Should GTA V have zombies?

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While searching for the latest and greatest news today I stumbled across a website that was saying that they hoped Grand Theft Auto V would have a zombie mode included in it which I instantly thought was a pretty terrible idea.

Don’t get me wrong I love zombies and have been watching the recent zombie outbreak across the world with baited breath, I may finally get to use some of my zombie survival skills in real life but at the same time I’m getting a bit jaded with zombies in video games and couldn’t see a good reason to include them in Grand Theft Auto 5.

By then just before I closed the site I noticed that they had embedded a GTA IV zombie mod video and so I clicked play.

Holy crap… we seriously need zombies in Grand Theft Auto V as this looks like buckets of fun and I want to run around a mammoth open world and shoot zombies in the head, just like we did in Red Dead Redemption but now with RPG’s, trucks and helicopters.

Though thinking about it now, if GTA V doesn’t ship with a zombie apocalypse I wonder if we can convince THQ to add them into Saints Row so that we can smash some zombie heads in with giant purple dildo’s while wearing lingerie… Game of the year right there I think.

Last Updated: July 6, 2012

Gavin Mannion

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