SimCity getting offline mode?

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EA has gotten considerable flak for its always-online SimCity.  We were given a variety of reasons for always online, most of which were proven false.  Now, it looks like SimCity might soon be getting offline capabilities.

In a customer survey, EA asked customers for feedback on some potential new features.  Among them were options such as terraforming, city packs based on nationalities (French, German, etc), and Classic Mode which described as:

In offline or online mode, play a single fully functioning city using cheats and unlocks that allow you to create your perfect city.

I find it funny how they bury this among a list of other upgrades and expansion packs they are considering.  What are we to make of this?  Is EA backpedaling on the DRM (oh wait, I mean MMO) aspects of the game?  At this point, about 4 months down the line, are there still people who were holding out for an offline option before purchasing?  Are these new features expected to drive new sales, or perhaps just satisfy the existing installed users?

Maybe EA has learned something from Microsoft – both companies have tried to force gamers into what they think the future will be, and both were met with enormous backlash.  After Microsoft managed to do a quick 180 on the Xbox One, perhaps EA is considering doing the same.  I hope this is a good sign for the future of DRM… basically, that there is no future for DRM.

Last Updated: July 8, 2013

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