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SimCity is released with legal cheats

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I’m a massive SimCity fan but I must have missed the memo that SimCity is all about the cheating as I honestly didn’t know that. But it seems to be such a big thing that EA have actually developed some straight forward cheats in the system for you to try.

Thanks to IGN for the list but apparently if you want some free money or to turn off homeless people then you can do that by simply clicking some hot keys.

  • ALT+W – Add §100,000 to City Budget
  • ALT+F – Toggle Fire On/Off
  • ALT+C – Toggle Crime On/Off
  • ALT+M – Toggle Health Issues On/Off
  • ALT+A – Toggle Air Pollution On/Off
  • ALT+P – Toggle Ground Pollution On/Off
  • ALT+H – Toggle Homeless Sims On/Off
  • ALT+S – Toggle Sewage On/Off

Just be warned that once you hit a cheat key your achievements are then disabled and since you cannot save a city and go back to it then you could ruin your entire game my hitting ALT+Anything really. Unfortunately, there’s no cheat to enable you to log in to the game by bypassing server issues. Hooray for games that require a permanent internet connections!

I don’t think cheating a required part of SimCity but then I’ve always been a bit anal about people cheating –  so maybe it’s just me.

Last Updated: March 6, 2013

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