SimCity traffic problems are being repaired

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I’ve been playing a lot of SimCity recently but I’m obviously not very good as I haven’t yet run into this major traffic problem that is getting more and more coverage. But if you are good and having problems then I have some good news.

According to a new blog post, picked up by PCGamer, the developers are currently testing a new patch that will stop your Sims always taking the shortest route from A to B and to rather check for the less congested routes that would end up being quicker.

There is a quick video demonstrating the change and you can see it definitely makes a massive difference, though I’m not sure why the cars didn’t take the first road?

It’s nice to see EA fixing these issues but you would think they would have thought of this before. It’s quite natural to take a longer but faster route in real life. It’s pretty much why highways were invented really.

I had some traffic problems last night which I could resolve by dumping a bus depot right at the problematic intersection which solved 90% of the problems. So you can try that until this patch comes out.

They are also patching the way emergency services work, allowing them to ride on the wrong side of the road and to not clump together as well.

Last Updated: March 15, 2013

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