Skate 2 Demo Available on XBL today, PSN soon

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As of today, the Skate 2 demo will be available for download over Xbox Live.

The PS3 demo is not yet available but a report has now come out saying that the demo will be available on PSN on the 15th of January.

While I am a huge fan of the first skate, and actually put more hours into it’s demo than some of my full games, I am going to be giving the demo a skip. The main reason is that I have already placed my order for the full game, so spending the cap just to get a taste of the new game a little early doesn’t really add up for me, although I have some friends that would do just about anything to get there hands on any part of it as soon as humanly possible.

So what features can we expect to be able to try out in the demo?

According to the press release, the demo contains the following features:

“Gamers will get a first glimpse of the deep single-player story and exciting challenges in all-new locations. The Skate 2 demo will also feature two of the game’s online Party Play modes: Thrasher’s Hall of Meat and Spot Battle.”

Like I have mentioned in articles about Skate 2 before, if you aren’t really into skating games but you think that you might have an interest in what Skate has to offer, then give it a download and try it out for yourself, the amazing controls are a huge leap over the Tony Hawk style of play that we have all become accustomed to and will make you sit up and pay attention when you see how intuitive and hands-on they are.

There is no indication on how big the demo’s download will be but we can probably expect it to be somewhere in the 1.0 GB – 1.3 GB region.

source: Videogaming247

Last Updated: January 8, 2009

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