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Skills vs perks in The Division

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The Division seems a bit like the thinking man’s shooter. It has plenty of RPG elements and isn’t just about landing that perfect headshot – it’s about using your team and your environment to your advantage. Certain parts of the game will be blocked off for you at the start, requiring certain levels and progression. However, as you progress through the game, you can unlock skills and perks – but what’s the difference really, and why should we care? A new post explains some more.

Do you like to take a more tactical and controlled approach to combat, or are you more interested in charging at an enemy with a riot shield? Skills create unique approaches to encounters and allow players to tailor their characters to their preferred play style. Not all skills are available immediately, instead requiring players to explore the world and complete missions to get more choices. Each skill can then equip modifications that can do anything from boosting to damage or range to changing the kinds of attack – I think it’s best explained by this alpha footage of a turret:

Additionally, each skill has its own look visible on the agent thanks to various gadgets. I wonder how many players will choose specific skills just because it makes them look cool.

Talents and perks are also unlocked as players progress through the game. Talents are similar to skill modifications and provide specific combat enhancements that can be selected and swapped between depending on if the player is alone or with a group of friends; in this way, players can have different talent loud outs depending on the situation at hand. Perks, on the other hand, are passive boosts that range from increasing the number of items you can carry to additional crafting materials – once unlocked, perks are active and don’t need to be triggered.

With so many skills, talents and perks to unlock, I’m sure my compulsive tendencies will keep me busy in The Division for a long time. See, who needs to focus on going into the Dark Zone for gear when you can just explore the world and unlock a whole bunch of other things to make things easier in the world? The Division is coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One in March next year – Q1 2016 is looking chock-full of intriguing and anticipated games.

Last Updated: November 26, 2015

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