SkullGirls asked for $150 000 to make a new character – They got it in a single day

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Making video games ain’t cheap, and that’s something that developer Lab Zero Games knows all too well. They’ve got a cult hit on their hands right now with SkullGirls, an old school 2D fighter with plenty of charm. Despite having said successful game under their belt, Lab Zero is currently an indie studio once again, due to publisher Reverge Labs pink-slipping them. Lab Zero still wanted to add a new character to their game, but that would cost them $150 000 to get done. A fee, which fans gladly paid for, within a day.

Taking their request to crowd-funding platform IndieGoGo, the devs broke the costs of Squigly, the proposed new addition to the roster, down with this graph:


Still, even for crowd-funding, that’s a helluva amount to ask for, right? I mean, most Kickstarter games only ask for half or a third of such an amount. Turns out, that the SkullGirls love goes much further than mere cash. Funding goals were hit within a day, and as of the time that this was written, now sits at over $197 000 in total.

That’s a new record for quick funding for IndieGoGo, beating previous winner StarForge which raised $135 453 in one day. There’s still 29 days left to go in total, and it looks like some stretch goals are going to be met as well.

Last Updated: February 27, 2013

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