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Skylander giants incoming

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I’m a little obsessed with the Skylanders franchise and I think that may be because I have 2 small children who love them and the fact that it’s the first real videogame / toy crossover that I’ve ever seen that I feel should work.

I’ve chatted to the local distributors about this game a lot and it’s doing very well locally and worldwide but I still feel it’s getting looked over by the more hardcore gamers thanks to the obvious child friendly graphics and toys.

But in my opinion this is one of the best adventure titles to be released in quite a long time and well worth everyone giving it a go. It also helps that it’s a guaranteed hit if you’re ever babysitting or have your friends kids around and need to keep them entertained.

But that’s not the point of this story, the real point here is that at the international toy fair in New York Activision announced that a new breed of Skylanders is on the way, Skylander Giants.

These giants will be twice the size of the current figurines both physically and virtually and will also include the ability to light up once they are placed on the portal of power.

There is also a new adventure coming down where you will obviously be able to use your current skylanders in along with all their powers that they have accumulated in the first game.

Skylanders is here to stay and I for one am very happy about that. It also helps to show that the current gaming environment isn’t only about the next Call of Duty, sports title or racing title. The videogame eco-system is still growing and that’s good for all of us.

Last Updated: February 8, 2012

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