Skylanders Giants: Hot Head

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I’m a self confessed fan of Skylanders and with my two kids being totally addicted to the title I couldn’t ignore the new Skylander Giants press release that landed up in my inbox and so over the next few weeks I’m going to post up some profiles of the new Giants coming to the Skylanders franchise.

Hot Head




Hot Head had always been a short tempered fire giant. But it was when magical oil was
discovered in Skylands that fuel was really added to the fire. As exciting as the discovery was, the celebration lasted only 5 minutes – coming to an abrupt halt when Hot Head needed to cool off and plunged into the thick black pool, causing the entire island to explode! Though it would be another 2,000 years before magical oil was discovered again, the impact that it had on Hot Head was immediate. He was instantly infused with magical oil, giving him the ability to generate an infinite supply of fuel – making him incredibly volatile, highly combustible, and ready to torch anything that got in his way


Hot Head is available to purchase right now at a gaming store near you and retails for around R170 from what I can see… Yes my kids are bankrupting me on Skylanders as well but secretly I don’t really mind as it makes buying presents pretty easy.. bad parenting 101, I guess.

Last Updated: April 10, 2013

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