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Skyrim PS3 patched to 1.04 – still has issues

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Released in November last year, Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim captured gamers hearts, wallets and free-time, and garnered just about every Game of the Year award. Unfortunately for PS3 owners, the game that everybody else loved was a broken mess, with glitches, bugs and an unfortunate issue where the game would increasingly be beleaguered with lag as the player went on.

The latest patch – 1.4, like the patch before it, was supposed to fix those issues. For some, it has. Others report that their game is still a broken, unplayable mess.

“Guys, I’m sad to say that this fix is only a temporary one. After three hours playing the lag is back in full force, even worse at times.,” says a user on Bethesda’s forums, echoing other players’ sentiments.

The reason some of you might still be having issues is not Bethesda’s fault. Nope, you’re just patching the game wrong. Here are Bethesda’s recommendations to ensure a smooth, lag-free dragon-killing experience.

“The 1.4 patch for Skyrim includes many performance-enhancing updates for the PlayStation 3. A few important things to note:

1. To ensure the fastest jump in performance after applying the patch, be sure to first create a new manual save by entering the save menu and choosing “save game.” You should then restart your PlayStation 3 before continuing to play.

2. If you encounter strange behaviour while playing immediately following application of the patch, do not be alarmed – this is a temporary effect of Skyrim scripts correcting themselves after the update. Once this process runs its course, be sure to make a new save and restart your PlayStation 3.”

At this point, if you’re still having issues with the PS3 version of Skyrim, here are my own recommendations:

1. Press eject to remove disc, place in cover.

2. Trade in.

3. Buy something that works.

Have you updated? Is Skyrim running better? Worse?

Last Updated: February 13, 2012

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