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Sleeping Dogs is getting six months of DLC

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Now you're a man, a whole, whole man yeaaah!

Sleeping Dogs is one of those under the radar games that really brightened up 2012 for me. Great voice acting, solid controls and a decent story, all combined to make a game that had far more good ideas than annoying ones in place. I finished it a while ago though, and it’s been gathering dust since then. Until I heard about the supernatural DLC that was on the way for it, which piqued my interest once more. And there’s more content for the game on the way apparently. A whole six months worth in fact.

Developer United Front Games confirmed to OPM that the next six months would see the release of off-the-disc DLC, thanks to Square Enix wanting to capitalise on the Sleeping Dogs brand and franchise the hell out of it.

“A few months before we shipped Square told us they wanted to do DLC so we made sure we could technically do add ons,” United Front producer Dan Sochan  said. “But we really spent every waking hour and then some making sure the game was as polished and as bug free as it could be”.

It wasn’t an easy road to get Sleeping Dogs published, due to the fact that Activision dropped SD out of their publishing schedule, leaving Square Enix to pick up the pieces, a decision that Call of Duty house is now most likely regretting that they made.

“Every contract is slightly different” said Sochan about the partnership with Square Enix.

More often than not with a new IP you want to assess the interest in the market, the consumers. How are people feeling a few months before launch? And you hedge your bets. Square, from the very beginning, were showing that they believed in us and believed in this game as a potential franchise.

Nightmare in North Point is out soon, and is bringing some zombie and vampire action to the sandbox kung fu mix. As for the next six months? Lets hope that its more content like that, and less superfluous motorcycle and clothing skins that are added to the game.

Last Updated: October 30, 2012

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