Snoop Lion releases a video game based music video

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Snoop Lion, previously known as Snoop Dog… or Calvin Broadus to his mother, has released a brand new music video called Get Away that is entirely retro video-game themed.

Now the important thing to remember here is that not only is the music not anything that I would classify as music but the music video is pretty terrible as well.

I can only imagine the real music we would be experiencing now if people like Calvin didn’t have so much power in the industry to get rubbish like this published and marketed as music. It’s the same rubbish over and over again with absolutely no entertainment value at all.

Gah maybe I’m just getting old. Either way the video makes no sense either with the two over-powered characters just dominating everything instead of actually having to battle through. If they can shoot for so long (at the end) then why didn’t they just leave their headlights firing all the time? It makes no sense and Mr Lion should be ashamed.. yet he won’t be because he’ll make more money from this song than any of us will make in a lifetime.

Now how’s that for depressing… got to get awayyyyyyy

Also, any bets on Calvin next calling himself Snoop Tiger due to the tiger in the Calvin and Hobbes?


Last Updated: January 7, 2014

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