So how do you spot a 4Gb Xbox 360 S?

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We officially heard last night that a new Xbox 360 Arcade model is to be released next month that will retail for around R1 200 less than the 250Gb model simply because it has 246Gb less memory.

To be honest this makes it a very appealing console for anyone who isn’t into online gaming or Xbox Live but would like to get themselves an Xbox 360 that they can at least save games on and maybe sometimes download a piece of DLC or 2.

But how do you tell the two apart? That is apart from the box saying 250Gb and 4Gb respectively.

Well if you can’t see from my terrible comparison image above the only difference appears to be that the 4GB Xbox 360 has a matte black finish with no chrome trimmings and the 250Gb version is all shiny.

Now personally I want the 250Gb version in a matte finish as I don’t like the idea of seeing dirty fingerprints all over the console whenever the kids have been using it, I guess I could just buy the 4Gb and add a new HDD to it as soon as Microsoft announce that peripheral…

And someone please save me and send over a link to a high res shiny Xbox 360 so I can fix this image.

Last Updated: July 21, 2010

Gavin Mannion

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