So How far’s Tekken X Street Fighter, then?

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Fighting game fans are terribly excited for the upcoming crossover titles from Capcom and Namco. The first, Street Fighter X Tekken ( that’s cross, not ex) from Capcom will introduce Tekken characters to the series, using established Street Fighter game mechanics. Fans of Namco’s brand of digital martial arts get their own back later with Tekken X Street Fighter – which has characters from Capcom’s games battling with Tekken mechanics.

We got hands on with Street Fighter X Tekken at E3 and it’s pretty far along, and should meet its release sometime next year. So how complete is Namco’s game at the moment?

“Currently, the development of Tekken x Street Fighter is at zero percent. It’s developing about five percent in my head,” said Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada.“I was really busy and also SF x Tekken and the Tekken x SF were not originally in the line-up. We were also working on Tekken Tag Tournament 2 at that time, so we haven’t got on the development of Tekken x Street Fighter. But Tag 2 is nearly finished, so when I get back from Paris, I plan to start working on that game.”

They haven’t even settled on characters to include yet, asking fans for feedback:

“At the moment, through Twitter, we’re asking people to send us suggestions on what characters to include in the new game. I especially want Street Fighter players to let us know which characters they want to see in the series.”

Source : Geekinstudio

Last Updated: July 18, 2011

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