So Long And Thanks For All The Fish

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I have no idea where to begin with a post like this and yet, just saying that feels like such a cliché. Heck, in my time at Lazygamer over the last (well, just shy of) 4 years I have written somewhere around 3500 ? 4000 posts, over 100 game reviews and a whole load of other stuff in between as well… and yet I find myself at a loss, well just for a moment.

To put it quite simply, my time to move on has arrived. The truth is that at the moment, I don’t know if it will be for good, or if I may return to harass innocent readers with my ‘stealth trolling hate propaganda’ once more.

As many of you already know, I am also the owner and creative director of Designwave; a graphic, web and multimedia design agency that has been running since 2005 and the time has come for me to put aside the path that I have been on to focus and grow our company to its full potential. Unfortunately, to do so I have to withdraw my services from Lazygamer to achieve these goals.

I’ve also considered becoming a certified Lazygamer comments troll, in the hopes that someday I may be able to see my name up in lights alongside the legends of past such as Lenoir the Brave or Lans the Persistent.

I lived out my dream of going to E3, I ate the best yank burger in existence, I’ve fired machine guns, gone on safaris, met the man who voices Mario, put in two back-to-back 12 hour sessions to have games reviewed in time and had a lot of people be really nice to me just because my badge said ‘Media’ on it… and it’s been one hell of a ride.

Thank you to everyone who has been there with us from the beginning, for supporting us as we grew Lazygamer from a little wordpress blog page with a stretched SA flag banner on top, to what it is today and for also supporting me as I tried stupid ideas like shouting into a microphone with the QCF Design guys for our podcast, looking like a moron in front of a camera and coming up with silly ideas like posting up hot women with news links everyday (which idiot thought that would stick?).

I may make appearances here and there, I may review a game here or there and maybe, just maybe find it deep down in me to make a return so that I can live out my days trolling fanboys once more. I hope that my return becomes a reality.

So on that note, I give my final thanks to all the readers, to the magnificent(ly insane) staff of Gavin, Geoff and Darryn that I leave behind to harass the readers and hope that this post becomes less of a GAME OVER and more of a BRB.

I bid you all farewell, and hope to catch you guys in the Lazygamer comments or on Twitter (@NickdeBruyne).


Last Updated: January 10, 2012

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