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So that’s what happened to Destiny’s story

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As much as I love Destiny, I’ll be the first person to admit that the original story is complete hogwash. No really, it is. Few games have a campaign made up of techno-babble terms that were thrown together in a slap-dash manner.

Mind you, there is a great lore in Destiny to discover, albeit one that makes no sense whatsoever in the way it was constructed. And that’s because the original story was something completely different to the final release of the game in 2014.

That’s according to a report by Kotaku, who say that back in 2013, the original tale that was set up found itself being completely scrapped by Bungie’s higher-ups. Allegedly unhappy with a highlight reel that set the tone for the game, Bungie “scrapped everything” and went back to the drawing board.

Originally, players would have been on the hunt for the AI warmind Rasputin, who had been abducted by the Hive. The final act of the game would have involved breaching the Dreadnaught and rescuing Rasputin, but Bungie felt that this tale was “too campy and linear”.

Thus, a new story was sewn together, using elements from the game and stitched into some Frankenstein abomination that became Destiny’s lacklustre campaign, which drew much flak from gamers when the final product shipped in September of 2014. In short, Bungie “scrapped plot threads, overhauled characters, and rewrote most of the dialogue”.

You can also blame Destiny’s in-game engine for this, as the software used to create that universe isn’t exactly known for being easy to work with.

On the bright side Destiny’s major expansion, The Taken King, has improved things greatly. The universe feels alive, the characters now have personality, there’s a clear goal in the narrative and there’s less techno-wankery over vague terms that make sense to very few people.

Or everything that year one of Destiny was missing. Check out the rest of the report that details the messy making of Destiny. It’s a rather superb read.

Last Updated: October 21, 2015

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