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So, this is Bioware’s next project

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RPG masters Bioware are still busy fine-tuning the hugely anticipated Mass Effect 3 for next year’s launch. It’s also rather busy getting their new MMO, set in a galaxy far far away, ready for public consumption – but that doesn’t mean there isn’t time for anything else. The intriguing screenshot you see above is taken from their next project currently simply titled “New Project.”

According to Game Informer’s Jim Reilly, the game is an entirely new IP and not built around an existing franchise . We’ll get some proper details when the projec is officially unveiled at this year’s Spike TV Video Game Awards this weekend. From the looks of the screen, it seems Bioware may be straying away from the RPG genre that they’ve built their name with. They are he people responsible for MDK 2, so it’s possible we might see a 3rd person action game, or even an action adventure; the picture certainly reminds me , a little, of Uncharted 3 – though it also looks a bit like id’s RAGE.

It looks nothing like a new Jade Empire, so consider me a little disappointed.

The Spike VGA’s air on December 10 this year, giving us just over a month to speculate as wildly as we can. My only hope is that there’s a little more care and a lot less copy/pasting in this new game than there was in Dragon Age 2.

Last Updated: November 8, 2011

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