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Some more insight into the new SimCity

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A new SimCity trailer has been released which is meant to showcase the Glassbox engine they are using for the game but has rather got me thinking about other parts of the game.

What you thought a game like SimCity wouldn’t need a serious engine? Check out this trailer and be blown away by the detail that is required for a game like SimCity.

So you’ve watched the trailer and you saw the power station chugging through the coal and the terra forming section that showed different levels under the ground.

If the power station is using up coal and the coal is under the ground in different patches then surely we are looking at doing some mining in this SimCity? That would make for some great new challenges as obviously no one wants to live next to a mine but there is no doubting the wealth that mining can bring.

I also loved the fact that we’re going to be able to extend buildings, like adding extra garages onto a fire station instead of simply upgrading the station.

So did you see something awesome in the trailer that wasn’t mentioned?


Last Updated: March 20, 2012

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