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Sonic isn’t an ordinary hedgehog, but what if he was?

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Sonic has definitely seen better days. He is no longer the dashing poster boy for SEGA like he once was. Now he features in, for the most part, forgettable games. That being said, his character design is actually quite interesting. Hedgehogs, although cute, genuinely aren’t exciting as animals (at least not to me anyway), but somebody saw them in a different light and envisioned a speedy, badass variant. How scientifically accurate his Sonic as a hedgehog?

Animation Domination High-Def have a YouTube channel filled with lots of crazy humour. They’ve done several Scientifically accurate videos, showing what characters would be like if they closely resembled their real world counterparts. Thought Ducktales was cool? Think again! Pizza eating turtles? WRONG! Sonic is their latest victim.

Turns out that hedgehogs are incredibly slow, and practically blind too. I suppose Sonic had to get his love of rings from somewhere. Hedgehogs aren’t so much fascinated with rings, but rather the stuff that comes out of them. It’s quite an eye opener really. I hope you are ready to have your childhood ruined. I know I will never see Sonic in the same way ever again!

Be sure to check out the other videos in the playlist, at your own risk of course.

Last Updated: July 29, 2014

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