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Sonic’s coming back with a Boom

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Eff you and your Sonic boom. How about a flash kick?

I told you recently that there was a new Sonic game on the horizon, that would be coming to the new consoles from Microsoft and Sony. That was a lie. There is indeed a new Sonic coming soon, but it’s still bound to Nintendo platforms. It’s made by a bunch of ex-Naughty Dog staff and it looks…odd. What on earth have they done to Knuckles?

It’s called Sonic Boom, ties in with an upcoming animated series and is developed by Big Red Button, a team led by former Naughty Dog staffers. Sonic Boom, says SEGA is "a new branch of the Sonic universe" that includes the aforementioned video game, new CG-animated TV series, and a range of toys.I want to believe.

It gives the characters a bit of a makeover. Sonic’s got longer legs and a hipster scarf, Tails looks even nerdier, Amy Rose is still pink as heck and Knuckles looks like he exists on a protein diet, drinks creatine shakes and digs to KLAP GYM, BOET.

Big Red Button was set up "original character based intellectual properties for cross platform and cross media development," but it looks like they’ve abandoned that ethos and gone for existing IP instead. They’ve got games like Crash Bandicoot, Jak & Daxter and Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune under their belt, so it makes a nice change from Sonic Studio. The game itself looks a whole lot like Jak and Daxter, so maybe there is hope for Sonic after all. SEGA’s been very clear in stating that sonic Boom is a bit different, and won’t replace the main series.

The game will be built using the latest version of CryEngine, so maybe Star Citizen’s Chris Roberts will have a new “best looking new console game”. Though it is on the Wii U, so probably not.

Last Updated: February 7, 2014

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