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Sony admits 3D just isn’t there yet

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In a long, and interesting, interview with videogamer.com Sony’s Jim Ryan was asked about 3D technology and gaming and why it wasn’t really showcased by Sony this year after their strong 3D push in 2010 and 2011.

Jim started responding by saying

It’s still very much part of the platform offering, it’s just that, you know
– we spoke about two years ago, we spoke about it last year. I don’t think we
want to get to the stage where every time you go to a Sony press conference you
have put you specs on and see something in 3D. It’s kind of moved: Two years ago
it was something new and a bit different, it was proper to talk about it. Like I say,
it’s more part of the core gaming proposition; I wouldn’t say we take it for granted,
because we don’t. But I think we have newer and more interesting things to talk
about this year, and I think it was write (tsk) to do that.

Which all makes sense but then when questioned about whether or not 3D gaming has broadly failed he responds

There are games where 3D makes great sense, like Uncharted 3, and there are games where it simply isn’t relevant. There’s obviously a gating factor of the install base in televisions. You can do whatever you like on the development side, but if the televisions aren’t there it becomes rather moot. I think for those who want it, it’s there, and it’s right that
we offer it.

Now it’s unlikely that Sony will ever readily admit that the millions they’ve thrown at 3D televisions have failed but in reality we all know it’s true. 3D TV’s are regularly available in all the electronic stores today and yet very few people care or are even looking at buying them.

The cost is still a prohibitive factor but beyond that the experience just isn’t very good and I’m wary about how many people really want to sit in their lounge wearing 3D glasses to watch movies or play games on a regular basis.

I for one have no desire to.

Last Updated: June 27, 2012

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