Sony agrees that downloadable media is the future

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Ray Maguire

Microsoft has been saying it for ages and so have the technical analysts with decent Internet lines. Now Sony are possibly also agreeing.

Ray Maguire of Sony UK believes that in 10 years 90% of game sales will be totally online, and not only for gaming but for media in general. Music is already leading the way in the States thanks to iTunes and friends and netflix is starting to offer the movies in a big way.

From my personal experience of the COD 4 Beta I can say that I would much rather not have to get off my lazy …. to change discs and would rather just choose the next game I want to play…

Will it take off? Only if the rest of the worlds Internet catches up with the US and Asia.

Sony exec hints Microsoft may be right about future predictions of downloadable media at That VideoGame Blog

Last Updated: April 14, 2008

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