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Sony are going full hog with dashboard advertising

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We’ve posted a few articles this year stating that Sony are going to be showing more adverts on the PlayStation 4 UI and generally we get shot down for implying that. Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news, even though I love being right, but PlayStation are getting into selling advertising in a big way.

A newly registered domain, www.psnadvertising.com currently redirects to a different site that showcases all the advertising opportunities the PlayStation 4 is going to offer… and there are quite a few

Whats New Banner


Flash allowed up to 1.5 Mb and 28 seconds. Can take up to 8Mb system memory or even worse it can be a video that has a maximum file size of 100Mb. That’s 100Mb you would need to download.

Notice the strategic placing in between all the new games and that this will be shown to every single person who turns their PlayStation on.

In Banner Video


While scrolling through the games list you may soon come across a banner video or image that is a paid for advertising placement. The video apparently has no maximum length but can only be up to 30fps and have 2 channel audio.. weird restrictions.

Category Roadblock


Now things start getting hinky with the announcement of roadblock ads. This special ad will stop you when entering the category section and rebrand the entire background for the category and place an image or video as the first option in the category.

The available locations for these adverts are Coming Soon, Full Games, On Sales Now, PS4 Preview, Free to Play and the Extras categories.

Premium Roadblock


Moving on from the normal roadblock ad is the premium roadblock which can be placed on the more important categories and will take up virtually the entire screen with your images or video. This position allows video streaming as well.

Branded Destination


Now this is the sort of advertising I actually like, companies such as Ubisoft or Activision can pay Sony to get an branded destination added to the system where you can go into a mini site of sorts and find out all about the game on offer, see trailers and purchase them.. that’s handy

The other three options don’t bug me either, you can buy billboard space in PlayStation Home, which unfortunately hasn’t died, or you can buy advertising on the internet browser home page and sell custom XMB themes which again is something some fans like.

So now that the size of the PSN advertising plans are do you still not mind them knowing that they will still be there if you are a PSN+ member or not?

Last Updated: December 3, 2013

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