Sony attempts masturbation humour to sell more PS Vitas

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keep-calm-im-your-sexy-doctorOne of the strangest memories I have of the gaming industry is the way Sony went about trying to market and advertise the PlayStation 3 in the beginning of that console’s life cycle.

Sony has always had a bit of a weird way with marketing but the early days of the PS3 were truly bizarre starting with this video of a baby doll which makes weird noises and then apparently gets possessed by the devil incarnate?

The weird floating objects in the room campaign (I presume that was its official title) wasn’t met with much enthusiasm and yet they continued it in America anyway. However Europe were watching this from across the pond and could see it wouldn’t appeal to their target market so they decided to come up with what has to be a contender for worst marketing campaign ever conceived.

This is Living…. and living is apparently boring, banal and stupid.

Thankfully whoever came up with that campaign was put out of our misery and Sony continued testing the markets until coming up with the Kevin Butler campaign which was absolutely brilliant and I still feel is one of the main reasons the PS3 was able to save itself in the last generation.

But anyway I’m getting a little side tracked here aren’t I? Sony have been trying hard for the past few years to get consumers to actually buy PS Vita’s with very little success. And now Sony’s trying a brand new, never-before-used, wholly original marketing tactic: sex.

Okay I hear you saying that sex isn’t a new tactic, well instead of making the PS Vita appear to be sexy, or implying that it will get you laid Sony has decided to market the fact that playing with the PS Vita is like masturbation and you shouldn’t be ashamed of it. I’m not 100% sure if they are saying it’s not shameful to own a PS Vita or to masturbate with a PS Vita… and apparently Sony weren’t either as the video has since been removed from YouTube but not before the Internet proliferated it.

So here it is for your awkward viewing entertainment.

And here’s a link for those who can’t YouTube from the office

Last Updated: November 25, 2014

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