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Sony : Back to Trash Talking Like it’s 2006. Again.

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The PS3 has been doing exceptionally well of late. After a much needed price drop the once ailing console has gained incredible momentum. Its exclusive games  – including one of them pretty much unanimously winning 2009’s Game of the Year – have shown the console’s power, and multiplatform games are getting closer and closer to being at parity with, and possibly outshining, those of its HD rival’s.

What does this mean for Sony? Well, other than an increase in cash flow it also means that its executives can throw of the shackles of humility they’ve been burdened with – and get back to that good old fashioned Sony trash talking.

“We do better for our publishing community than 360 does,” SCEA Senior Vice President of Publisher Relations Rob Dyer said in an interview with Industry Gamers. “As our installed base starts catching up and gaining on 360, you’re going to see the publisher side much quicker get to par than even if we had the same number of [360 hardware] units.”

“…When I walk into an EA, they’re telling me that for Madden, the one platform they’re seeing year-on-year growth is the PS3, or when I walk into Activision and they tell me the same thing for Guitar Hero. Those are big statements, given what has transpired with those franchises,” said the ignoble cur.

And then it got personal.

“They have very few first-party studios at Microsoft. Bungie’s next Halo is the last one, Rare rarely puts out anything, you’ve got Peter Molyneux with his Fable stuff… but they don’t have first-party development studios inside at Redmond or anywhere for that matter. We do. So rather than putting their money behind that, they’ve been going to Epic or Valve or BioWare to do what they did with Mass Effect, and that’s where they throw their dollars.”

“Candidly,” he added, “we’re not going to compete with Microsoft on that front, but what we have is a global business here. Our global business is bigger than 360’s and will continue to get bigger than 360, and people are seeing that. We passed them in Europe and they don’t even exist in Japan, and we’re going to catch them and pass them here in the U.S. as well.”

Somebody get Aaron Greenberg on the phone, and tell him the gloves are off. The fight is ON!

Source : Industry Gamers

Last Updated: February 17, 2010

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